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Android TV Box JTV220
  • Android 2.2 as Operating System
  • With Remote Control
  • Online high definition video playing
  • Support 1080P video playing
  • Support SD card expansion
  • Built in WIFI module
  • HDMI video output
Product Overview
This is a all in one machine for computer and television. It is equiped with CORTEX A8 Core chipset, basic Android 2.2 OS, it can connect with wired network, and external Mobile HDD, and support keyboard and mouse and wireless remote control operating. Access in HDMI port to connect with external displayer, such as high definition television, and playing online or local high definition video. Meanwhile, it can browse the internet. It will making a new family entertainment style.
Main Features
  • Main chip adopting the CORTEX A8 core SamSung S5PV210, CPU frequency up to 1GHz, Memory 512MB, internal 2G memory space
  • Android 2.2 as Operating System
  • Built in WIFI module, wireless connection
  • RJ45 port can using the Lan network connect
  • Support 1080P video playing
  • HDMI video output, connect high definition television through port to play the high definition television
  • USB port, can connect with the big memory mobile HDD
  • Support Weather, calendar or desktop clock tool
  • Support wireless Bluetooth keyboard operating
  • Support Bluetooth data transmit
  • Support 2.4G wireless remote operating
  • Support flash player 10.1, and online playing video
  • Support music playing, photo browsing, enjoy more family entertainment
  • Support SD card expansion
Device Connectivity
System Parameters
  Model JTV-220 (Internet TV)
  CPU model SAMSUNG S5PV210
  Main frequency 1GHZ
  Memory DDR2-512MB
  Storage space ONENAND 2GB
  Video storage Copy to SD card or
store to mobile HDD
  Operating System Android v2.2
Main Functions
  OS interface Android 2.2 interface style
  Browser Browsing webpage
  Bluetooth Bluetooth data transmit, connect Bluetooth to operate keyboard.
  GOOGLE TV Online high definition video playing
  Online video Connect internet to watch online video
  Video Local music playing
  Online music Connect internet to listen online music
  Photo browsing Browsing photos in more kinds of formats
  Firmware upgrade Support update the firmware by SD/TF card
  Storage expansion SD card expansion
Port Defination & Specification
  USB Ports Support 2 groups of USB host and 1 MINI USB port
  SD card 1 SD card support
  Rj45 Connect wire internet
  HDMI Connect high definition television, output video frequency signal
  Remote-control 2.4G wireless remote-control
  Voltage parameter Charging by external 5.0V DC
Display & Dimensions
  Resolution 1024 x 600
  Display screen Dsplay by HDMI output port
  Dimensions 170 mm x 111 mm x 30 mm
  • Remote Control
  • Cable
  • Charger
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